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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
week we heard in the House of Commons the Chippen-ham election, when Jack Frederick and his brother-in-law, Mr. Hulme \ on our side, petitioned against Sir Edmund Thomas2 and Mr. Baynton Bolt3. Both sides made it the decisive question—but our people were not all equally true; and upon the previous question we had but 235 against 236, so lost it by one. From that time my brothers, my uncle, I, and some of his particular friends, persuaded Sir E. to resign. He was undetermined till Sunday night. Tuesday we were to finish the election, when we lost it by 16; upon which, Sir Kobert declared to some particular persons in the House his resolution to retire, and had that morning sent the Prince of Wales notice of it. It is understood from the heads of the party, that nothing more is to be pursued against him. Yesterday (Wednesday) the King adjourned both Houses for a fortnight, for time to settle things. Next week Sir Kobert resigns and goes into the House of Lords. The only change yet fixed, is, that Lord Wilmington4 is to be at the head of the Treasury—but numberless other alterations and confusions must follow. The Prince will be reconciled, and the Whig Patriots will come in. There were a few bonfires last night, but they are very unfashionable, for never was fallen minister so followed. When he kissed the King's hand to take his first leave, the King fell on his neck, wept and kissed him, and begged to see him frequently. He will continue in town, and assist the ministry in the Lords. Mr. Pelham has declared that he will accept nothing that
LETTER 62.—* Alexander, eldest son of Eobert Hume; an East India Director, and three times M.P. for Southwark; m. Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Frederick, Knight; d. 1765.
2 Sir Edmund Thomas, third Baronet, of Wenvoe, Glamorgan; d. 1767.
8 Edward Baynton. Bolt, of Spye
Park, Wiltshire; cr. a Baronet, 1762 ; Q-room of the Bedchamber to the Prince of Wales; Surveyor of the Duchy of Cornwall; d. 1800.
* Sir Spencer Gompton, Earl of Wilmington, Knight of the Garter, and at this time Lord President of the Council. Walpole.